Monday, February 27, 2017

Pumpkin Butter!

Have you ever heard of pumpkin butter? I never had until a few weeks ago when I happened to see it in the store! It is amazing! It reminds me of a cross between applesauce and pumpkin pie. Maybe that isn't a yummy description but it was pretty amazing. 

Best of all, I found it at Aldi so it contains no strange ingredients or preservatives and it was less than two dollars! I love that store! 

My kids love it too!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Geese Adventure

A while back while we were away for Christmas, we took a walk up to some fields behind my parents' house. We were actually trying out my brother's new drone (and hoping to scare some geese with it) To our delight the field was full of geese! The drone didn't faze them too much, but a bunch of people kicking a big red ball did!

The geese flew right in front of the sunset. My camera book said to never look through your camera at the sun, so of course I had to take a sun picture. I was thrilled with how this turned out as I just held up the camera and pressed the button without looking through. I didn't even realize my son was in the shot looking at the geese until I got home and got the picture loaded on the computer. 

I hope you all get your fill of chasing geese too!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine Magazine Challenge

Happy Valentine's Day friends! Today I am taking part in the "Love Is In the Air" Magazine Challenge over at Katherine's Corner. She is a sweet blogger and loves tea! Her challenge was to make a magazine cover using anything as your inspiration with the theme of "Love" I thought it was a great idea and a good way for me to practice using my camera. 

 Katherine had a picture of some magazines on her blog for the sign up and those gave me the idea to use flowers. The below is my wedding bouquet from six and a half years ago. It is sitting on a chair we have in our bedroom. 

So here is my magazine cover!

I went to all this trouble getting out my wedding dress thinking that it would make a neat picture to have the flowers on the dress with a strand of pearls but it totally didn't work. At the end I just tossed the flowers onto our chair, took a couple pictures, and they ended up working perfectly! Why does that happen so much? ha ha! 

Here are my "behind the scenes" pictures of the magazine cover.

Here you can see what I was trying to do with the dress and the pearls. I think sometimes you can try too hard to make a picture work and you just have to set aside your original plans and go with something totally different!

Hope you enjoyed my magazine cover! Hop on over to Katherine's blog or scroll on below to take a look at everyone else's Valentine magazine covers! 


Happy Valentine's Day! 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Day Tablescape

I've been having fun planning out this little tablescape for Valentine's Day. A month or so ago I invested in a few new dishes. Not a whole set, but just a few to switch things up a bit. I am really excited about them! They are elegant, lacy, and white. They are perfect for making tablescapes and pair really nicely with glass plates and my china set.

I wanted to decorate the table for valentine's day but I didn't want it to have that neon pink and red dollar store look.  I used a cream tablecloth, white and clear glass plates, crystal goblets, and my everyday silverware (not that I have another set or anything) :) for this table. 

Here are the candy favors I made earlier at each place setting. 

I am getting a little more comfortable with the macro setting on my camera. 

The birdcage is part of my little girl's bedroom decor and it was perfect for the table. I am looking forward to using it for some spring tablescapes too! I just went out side and got a few sticks and stuck on these plastic roses that I have had for a while but haven't gotten a chance to use yet. 

Hopefully the kids will do ok with a tablecloth at the table. If not, at least I got a picture now! :)

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine Candy Boxes

Happy almost February 1st! We are just about into the second month of the year! I started seeing valentines paraphernalia in the stores weeks ago and we still have two weeks to go! I always used to think that stores were crazy for jumping into each holiday so early, but I have been enjoying the planning and decorating process for the last few holidays more than I have been able to for the past few years and it really helps to have things out early. This year, I have been planning out some little candy favors for my family.

Growing up, I always loved this holiday as my parents always gave my brother and I gifts and there was tons of chocolate. They made a big deal about loving us. What a blessing that was to me and I am so thankful for being given an "others focused" perspective on this holiday.

  I have been having fun planning these cute little candy boxes for our family's Valentine dinner! I want my kids to have a part of Valentines day and I know they will get a kick out of opening (or squishing) these!

I used my silhouette machine to cut these out and filled them with gold chocolate and caramel candies. I am planning on putting animal crackers in my one year old's box. :)

It also was a great opportunity to practice with the macro setting on my new camera. I have really had to practice standing still! It is crazy how much happier I am with my photos now that I have been focusing on that! ha ha! 

Hope you all get to enjoy some yummy candy in these next few weeks!

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Winter Walk

I know the title of my post says winter walk, but this was really a winter mad dash out to take these pictures! I love old graveyards and we have several in our town with dates going back to the early 1700's. This particular place is only a short walk down my road. I think it is so much fun to wonder about who all these people were. 

The snow was just beginning to melt and we got here just in time to get a few pictures of the snow covered markers. 

I love how they are scattered among the trees. It gives the site character.

I love this little bunch nestled away under the trees seemingly alone. It makes you wonder how many stones have been lost to time and weather. 

Monday, January 16, 2017


I love teacups! On a recent trip to my parents' home, I had a lot of fun looking through some of my mom's tea cups. These four were made in Japan. So they are not your typical English Royal Albert ware. :) I love how these particular ones stand on little feet and have little bubbles for handles. 

I love how this one has a multifaceted surface. Sort of a geometric design with pink floral decor.

I was suppose to take this one home with me. Can you believe I forgot? I'll have to bring it back next time! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Anniversary Card

I am finally getting back into making some cards. It takes some time to get back into the creative mind set! This one was an anniversary card. 

Simple, cream lace patterned card stock, sheer ribbon, and gold thread. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Warm Winter Decor

I love decorating with warm colors. Especially golds, browns, and reds! I put these garlands up at the very end of summer. They transitioned well to fall with the addition of some leaves, to Christmas time with extra pine cones and berries, and now I just have them up to add some cheer to these cold winter months. 

We have one big mirror in our living room and one in our eating area and these garlands were perfect over both of those. 

Hope you all are staying warm! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Winter Wreath

Here is our Christmas wreath! I just made it simple this year with two different sized pine cones. At the moment we have it hanging inside. I think it looks nice on the inside of our big white door and I feel hesitant to switch it to the outside.

It should work all winter long!