Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Ornaments

About a month ago I purchased a new camera. I have been having fun trying to figure it out! I am finding it is quite a change going from a point and shoot to a DSLR, but I am happy with the improvement in my pictures, especially indoors. 

I have a long ways to go but the best way to go is to practice! So here are a few ornament pictures I took. My kids and I love these shatterproof ornaments! I like the way they look and my 1 year old likes bouncing them on the floor. A win win situation.

My kids were also able to help me decorate the tree with them too which was a lot of fun. 

I'm thinking I could re-purpose these as New Year's decorations as well!  

Monday, December 5, 2016

Hello Again!

Wow, friends! It has been almost a year since signing on here at Yellow Origami Bird. This past year has been busy and full. We were blessed with another little baby just over a year ago and boy, does it take some time to bounce back when you have a new baby and a two year old underfoot! 2017 is just a month away and I am excited to be back to blogging here a bit.

I am loving having a little girl and boy! With two little ones now, my focus has changed a bit, so there might be some little kid crafts and outings that make it on here. I am hoping to sign in more regularly with little snapshots into our adventures, home decorating, crafts, and anything else that seems fun!

Looking forward to 2017!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January Tea {Licorice Spice Tea}

Welcome to the first tea post of the year! Is this terrible or what, but I am starting out with a tea that I dislike. Eek! I am not a licorice person and this was totally not my tea at all. My husband loved this flavor, but sadly I did not. If you like licorice I would highly recommend this tea. It tastes exactly like licorice along with some corresponding spices. 

If you like licorice, Enjoy! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Snowflake Origami

Hello January! January is a hard month. After the warmth of summer, the pumpkin spice lattes of fall, and the cheer of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years in quick succession, mid January can lead to some dismal days. Especially if you are in New England and still have the winter months of February and March to endure. ha ha. I was excited to find this winter project. Snowflake origami! 

I love Christmas decorating but with two little ones now I need to get as much clutter out of the way as possible. These snowflakes are perfect for window hanging, banners and even to attach on cards for a winter cheer up card.

This snowflake is a little more involved to make and starts out with a hexagon base instead of a square base so I didn't include the instructions here on the blog. However if you wish to make your own you can see the instructions I followed HERE. For a more involved object I was impressed at how clear they were. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Gingerbread Houses

Aren't these little gingerbread houses adorable?! My mother in law made them and then gave them to our little one to enjoy. Those little gingerbread kits in the stores look like so much fun! Maybe we will have to get one one of these days! 

One of these years I want to do a "Little Village" Christmas decorating theme. Of course that means I would have to come up with a little village somewhere. Maybe I could do it with gingerbread houses! ha ha. Definitely a thought I want to file away for a future Christmas!

Hard to believe it is the Christmas season again! Hope you all are staying warm!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Little Girl Clothes!

We are really enjoying our little girl! Here are a few fun outfits! 

I love this little newborn peplum outfit! I've never been able to get into the style myself but I love it on little girl clothes! I thought this one was perfect for the winter/Christmas season. So bright and cheery! 

I love this red winter coat and hat! I guess it will be more of a fall and early winter coat here in New England. Can you tell I like the color red? We bought this one in a bigger size so it will be our little girl's coat for next year. 

Thought it would be fun to share these little girly finds. Hope you are having a good December and looking forward to Christmas! 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Tree Table Favor

Last year we spent Christmas with my parents and my mom made these cute Christmas tree table favors to go along with our Christmas dinner. They were a simple folded piece of paper with the really neat 3D Christmas tree on it that you see below.

Inside were Lindt Chocolate for us grown ups and animal crackers for my then 1 year old. 

I hope you all are enjoying your preparations for Christmas this year!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Dress: Sewing Project

I have been working on a Christmas dress for our little girl. Here is the finished product! I used a pattern for the bodice and the skirt and ruffle were reused from a skirt I tried to make for myself that had gone terribly wrong. I really enjoyed this project and can't wait for my little one to wear it. 

The zipper ended up being a little short and I didn't want to figure out how to sew a button or hook on so I sewed the zipper on lower and then sewed on two pieces of ribbon that can be tied into a bow to close the top of the back of the dress. 

Here is the front. 

Hope you enjoyed this little peek at one of my sewing projects! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Black Forest Tea

Last year we ordered a box of Stash's Black Forest Tea. It is definitely a cozy winter tea! It sounds strange but it tasted exactly like cherry and chocolate! I love the red box and it seemed like a perfect tea to share for December.

What are some of your favorite Christmas and winter teas? 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Brown Urn

This is one of my favorite pieces to decorate with! I first saw this urn in 2010 before I even got married! It was more than I wanted to spend at the time so I didn't purchase it. Imagine my delight when three years later I found it in the clearance aisle! (albeit with a few dings) I immediately got it and brought it home and was thrilled that after a few pushes from the inside the dings popped out and it looked as good as new! 

It is quite big and perfect for a corner floor arrangement which is what I used it for until my first little one was born. Then it was placed up on a table or in the hallway upstairs depending on my decor at the time. 

Just thought it would be fun to share this little find and one of my favorite decorating pieces with you! 

Have a great day!