Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dahlia Box Flower Arrangement

A fun way to change up a flower arrangement is to place it in a unique container. I love these vintage looking storage boxes and thought one would be perfect to use as a base for my floral arrangement! This is a combination live and silk flower arrangement. The red dahlias are from our garden and the leaves and daisies are silk. This was a fun project and took only about five minutes to assemble!  Follow the steps below to make your own box arrangement! 
1.Start with your container, real or silk flowers, or both.

2. In your container, place either a tray or several low containers filled with water. I used miniature teacups below. If using only silk flowers this step is not needed, however floral foam can be used to secure the silk flowers to the base of your container. 

3. Begin filling the outer edges with desired greenery and leaves. These can be placed in or around the water containers. I used silk leaves.

 4. Start placing your flowers in the arrangement making sure the stems reach the water if using live flowers. Trim flowers to desired length. 

 5. Keep filling in until the box looks lush and full. 

6. If desired, add accent pieces such as berries, feathers, or twigs. I used some extra silk daisies I had lying around. Accent pieces give a fuller, more complete look, and serve to hide any irregularities in the flowers. 

7. Place on an end table or anywhere else you chose to brighten up your home! 



  1. i would have never thought of using something like this to hold flowers. it's so gorgeous and fun at the same time. thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  2. Kudos!! Your articles takes my 5 minutes to read and i am sure making of this flower arrangement will also take 5 minute or even lesser, as you described it very well.

  3. beautiful!!!! I like it =)