Monday, August 20, 2012

Origami Crane tutorial

1. Start with a piece of perfectly square paper. Fold it in half triangle-wise.

2. Fold it in half again. 

3. Open up one triangle.

4. Fold the triangle flat. 

5. Complete this on the other side as well. 

6. Fold the edges toward the center meeting at the middle. 

6. Complete on both sides to make a kite shape. 

7. Fold the little triangle up but to not make a crease. 

8. Open up the kite. 

9. Open one layer. 

10. Fold it all the way up. 

11. Crease

12. Complete this step on the other side as well. 

13. Take the edges of the top layer and fold toward the center so they meet in the middle. 

14. Crease. Notice the direction of the triangles and lines. 

15. Complete on the other side as well. 

16. Crease

17. Fold the two folded sections together and complete this step on the other side. 

18. Hold the paper so it looks like this. 

19. Fold up the point. 

20. Fold up the point on the other side as well. 

21. Fold the point and top layer together on both sides. 

22. Fold down the two large triangles to reveal the thinner ones in between. 

23.Pull the thinner triangles out. 

24. Fold down the head. 

25. If you wish, gently pull the wings to make the body fill with air. 

26. Adjust as needed. 
There you go! 

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