Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Covering a Magnet Board

Found this cute magnet board at a yardsale last week and couldn't pass it up! At first I didn't even realize that it was a magnet board and thought it was just a picture frame. I was thrilled when I got home to discover it came with little daisy shaped magnets and those mini clothes pins!  The magnet board originally came with a plain canvas back and I wanted to add some cute material for the fall season. Click below to see how it's done! 

1. Here's how it originally looked. I just wanted to add some material with a cute design. 

2. I removed the back just as you would remove the back of a picture frame. Then, I cut a square of material  out that was about 2 cm larger in circumference than the back of the board.

3. Since I wanted this to be temporary I didn't glue the material to the board. Instead I just taped it to make sure it was nice and snug. Make sure you have the right side of the material facing out!

4. Next, I placed the board back into the frame just as you would a picture frame. 

 5. I then removed the tape and pushed the little guards back to hold the backing in. 

 6. And here is what it looks like! 

This could be done with just a regular picture frame if you wanted. Or you could purchase a cheap cookie sheet to make your own magnet board! I'm excited to be able to change the material with the seasons. May even be able to use wrapping paper for Christmas! 

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