Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Origami Twinkle Star

Here's a cute origami shape to make. Its sort of a star flower shape. Whatever you want it to be! 
See directions for making this below. 

Start with a perfect square.

Fold into a triangle. Make sure the colored side is on the inside!

Fold into a triangle again.

Start opening up one triangle as shown above.

Squish it flat to make a diamond as shown above.

Flip the paper over to reveal this side. 

Open and squash to form a diamond as well.

Here is what you should have.

Turn it upside down so the openings are at the top.

Bring the bottom up to the top and make a crease.

Open again and fold the bottom up to the crease you just made.

Now, after all that work, carefully unfold the entire thing! Notice the square in the middle of the paper. This is key! Crease the square a bit so it pops out as shown above.

Your paper should almost be able to sit like this.

Begin the process of folding in the square. Notice how two sides fold in and two sides stay straight.

Keep collapsing the paper until it looks like a sailboat above. 

Now take one flap and fold down.

Fold it back up so the point reaches the fold just made.

Now fold halfway to make this shape. Let me know if this isn't clear, I think I missed a picture here.

This is what the final fold should look like.

Now do this to the remaining three sides.

Do to the remaining three sides.

When you are done, you should have this boat shape.

Here it is viewed from the top.

Open up the four folds into a star shape.

Use your fingers to open up the folds.

And there you go! Enjoy your twinkle star. I might make some of these this year for our Christmas tree! I think they would look great in gold and silver! The very first picture in this post was made by making two of these one big one and one little one and just placing them on top of each other. 


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