Saturday, October 6, 2012

Origami Petal Flower

Here are instructions to make these pretty and simple petal flowers. 

Start with a perfect square.

Fold it diagonally both ways.

Take the four corners and fold toward the center making a smaller square.

Fold the square in half both ways.

Unfold to the small square.

Begin to collapse the square to make the below shape.

Here you are! 

Fold the side corners to meet in the middle.

Do the same to the other side.

Now unfold to make it look like this. 

Carefully fold the corner that you folded out inwards.


Do this for all four corners

Now fold the bottom edges to meet in the center.

Do this on both sides.

You are now ready to begin opening the flower!

Use a pencil to curl the petals back.

And there you go! 


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  1. Hi Janelle, i'm your newest follower!! Your blog looks awesome :). My room has been looking a bit dull & i'm quite a colourful person so i would try this out. Tho i think it'll take more than one try to get it perfcct.
    I'll love it if you could return thee favor on my blog!