Monday, September 8, 2014

Lace Dress Fix Tutorial

I have been wanting a lace dress for a very long time. Well, not that long, but for a few years now. Unfortunately a lot of the lace dresses I saw were much skimpier than I would have liked. I finally found one on clearance a few months ago and was thrilled! Here it is below.

The dress does have a few problems. Basically to wear 'as is' I would be cavorting about in a skimpy slip with beautiful lace material swishing about me. Not something I want to do outside the four walls of my house! 

This was a pretty easy fix as you can see below. I purchased some knit material that matched the lining under the lace material.

Next I cut the material to match and continue on the flair of the lining. 

I then sewed the two pieces together.

Next I needed to attach the extra material to the lining.

This was the only tricky part. Here is a picture of me getting the material in place to sew onto the dress. I had to use a lot of pins to keep it in place! 

Here it is sewn on. Now it's not perfect but since it will be under a patterned lace material any uneven stitching will be unnoticeable.

Here is the finished dress! I didn't hem the lining as it is knit and doesn't unravel. 

I paired this dress with a white undershirt to bring up the neckline and a brown jacket/shrug.