Monday, October 13, 2014

Origami Snail

Hello again! I am finally getting another origami tutorial off. Today I am making an origami snail! I hope you enjoy it! A snail is definitely not the first thing you think to make when you think of origami, but it is pretty simple and the shell is fun to expand. 

Instructions after the break! 

1. Choose your paper and lay it color side up in a diamond position. 

2. Fold in half twice.

3. Flip so the white side is facing you in a square shape and fold twice.

4. Rotate to a diamond shape and collapse the side corners in to make this square.

5. Open a flap and squash.

6. Crease flat to make this kite shape and then do this to the back and remaining side corners. 

7. You will end with a shape like this.

8. Now take the left flap and fold it down toward the center line.

9. Fold in half again. 

10. Now take the right side and fold a third of the way to the center line.

11. Fold it the next fold till it reaches the center line.

12. Flip it to the back and do the same folds.

13. Now fold the side flaps having the 1/3 fold on the left and the 1/2 fold on the right.

14. Adjust until you reach this shape.

15. Fold the side points down to make the antennae.

16. Fold the front top point down inside.

17. Fold the back point inside as well to make the head shape.

18. Now make a crease here.

19. Pull on the folds to open up the snail's shell.

20. Keep pulling and shape the shell.

There you go! Enjoy! 

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  1. Love your snail, it's just adorable! Thank you for sharing your post on the HomeAcre Hop, hope to see you again on Thursday! - Nancy

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