Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Trip Highlights

We are finally back from our Florida trip! We had a great time and really enjoyed the time away. It was a little depressing to come back to cold rainy weather but we figured we will now experience one less week of winter weather this year. 

We took a little 'safari' truck ride and saw these giraffes!

Pretty sure this is the most awesome bird feeder ever! 

Boardwalk to view old cypress trees.

Canoe trip picture! It looks creepy in this picture but it really wasn't! The water was only one to two feet deep in most places. It was a cloudy day as you can see so there were no alligators thankfully!

Springs. We took a nice hike here.

They have really big bugs down there.

I just thought this was a really neat looking door! 



  1. Hello from Thursday's Favorite Things. Looks like a fun adventure. I'd love to go on that Safari. My kids would love it.

    1. Hello, thanks! It was pretty neat and definitely a kid friendly ride!