Monday, December 22, 2014

Gift wrapping

If you have been reading along this winter you have seen this red damask paper here a lot on the blog! I purchased it at Michaels Arts and Crafts store and I have been using it on everything it seems! I usually don't purchase wrapping paper, but I fell in love with this pattern and since I am not about to buy more just so our gifts can have a variety of wrapping, almost all of our gifts are wrapped in this paper! ha ha. 

I've enjoyed making gift tags this year. In the past I would usually just take a sharpie and write people's names on the back of their gift, but this year ,I tried to take a little extra time to make some tags. They were fun and a good project to set aside and then pick up again as the time and my little one allowed. 

I used the card embellishment method that I described in this post here for making these gift tags. The damask paper is wrapped around a piece of thick cardboard.

Have a great day!

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