Monday, December 8, 2014

Make Your Cards go "POW!" {Card Embellishment Tutorial}

Ever see those pretty card embellishments in the craft store aisle? I love looking at them but they seem so expensive for what you get. However they definitely add some "pow" to your cards. I've been looking into making some of my own and have been having a lot of fun! It serves as another paper craft and sticking them on cards is a great way to keep them from piling up! My Japanese Girl Pattern post is a great example of something you can make and stick on a card. 

Today though I have a tutorial for a really simple one that I used on my Red Card a few weeks back.

Here we go! 

Your 'ingredients'

Card stock
Cover paper of your choice
Glue stick

Starting with your card stock cut it to the size you wish. You will be folding it in half.

Next fold your card stock in half and trim your cover paper to match.

Glue your card stock to the back of the cover paper and place glue all around the edges.

Now wrap the card stock as you would a present. 

Instead of folding the corners in, cut them to remove bulk.

Then fold the flaps down.

And here you go! 

These are great for adding onto cards, and because they are covered card stock they add a little more interest and texture to your cards. 


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