Monday, January 12, 2015

New Menu Board and To Do Lists

Hello and welcome to another week! We are almost halfway through January 2015! I thought that the start of a new year would be a great time to share my menu planning board. Typically each New Years I resolve NOT to resolve anything. If there is something that I am not doing right or need to do differently I try to change it right away. A few months ago I realized that my meal planning skills had totally gone down the drain. If you haven't figured out by now, I HATE that didn't help things either. I realized that to save time, save money, and avoid that suppertime panic I get around 3:00 I need to start planning out my weekly menu again.

I found this magnet board at a yard sale several years ago. You can read my tutorial here that I did for covering the back.  Well, I took off the cloth cover and decided to use the plain canvas back. I used a menu print out pad that I purchased from Joann's Fabrics and added a To Do board and a Thoughts board.

If I don't make a to do list each day I typically do not get anything done. It is so discouraging to make out a nice long list and then lose it. Now I am able to stick it to this board and reference it during the day. 

I love having a Thoughts board. Sometimes I think of things that I want to start doing like, teaching my little one numbers or shapes or keep my eye out for material for a certain project. I don't want to write that down on my to do list because they are more long term goals. However if I don't write them down somewhere I will forget. So I keep a piece of paper up there to jot things down and change it every month or so when I've either accomplished most of the things or they have become a habit. 

The open space there in the middle is also fun to have and I usually stick different pictures of my little one there.

Enjoy and I hope this inspires you to get your menu and goals organized too!


  1. Love your menu board. nice touch having a spot for a to-do list.