Monday, February 2, 2015

Silk Flower Box Arrangement

A few years ago I shared a tutorial on how to do a live dahlia flower arrangement in a box. The tutorial is HERE if you are interested in reading it. Since then, the flowers have died (it has been almost three years) and I have replaced them with silk flowers. 

Here is a picture of how I have the flower box now and a brief tutorial on how to set it up!

Here is what you need to start with. A decorative box and various flowers. The rose in the foreground is actually a boutonniere my husband wore at a friend's wedding.  

Continue reading after the break for instructions!

Open your box and place similar colors at opposite ends of the box.

Fill in with the rest of your flowers. I tried to have the orange ones at opposite ends of the box as well.

Add your accent flowers. I added the rose in the center front for a pop of interest.

Finally adjust the arrangement to your liking. I squished my flowers in just a tad and closed the lid partway. 

Since I didn't use any foam or glue this arrangement will come apart easily for storage or reuse of the flowers at some later point. I have this arrangement sitting on a baker's rack in my kitchen. 


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  1. I very much like boxes for arrangements and yours is filled with wonderful color that reminds me of my daughter's wedding. Lovely.

  2. So simple yet lovely. Wonderful creativity!