Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Stash It Box

Three years ago we bought our first home. It was and continues to be an exciting experience owning and decorating our own space! However it is a tiny home. Included in the square footage of our house is a unheated sun room and mud room which we love but it means that for the colder months (like half the year) we are living in 900 square feet of space. 

It's good as it forces us to constantly weed out things we don't need and I have less space to clean. However, my desk with all my crafting and sewing supplies is in that sun room. With no heat it is pretty hard to do anything in there for the cold winter months with long days!

I finally had this idea to use a decorative box to stash craft supplies that I use often enough to keep in the house. So here is my Stash It box! 

I love how I can just throw everything in there when I am done working, close the lid, and I have a pretty decorative box in our living room! 

Would love to hear your ideas for craft storage in small spaces! 

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