Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thomas Edison Lab and Home

Over Christmas we went to tour Thomas Edison's lab and home. We had a lot of fun taking our little boy there and showing him everything. It was the first place we have taken him that he was old enough to look around. 

The Edisons had a green house and enjoyed growing these huge plants that look like they could be from a science fiction movie.

This is a picture of Thomas Edison't desk exactly as he left it when he died. 

His library.

Lab room in the factory building.

Phonograph in the recording room. Edison was friends with Rachmaninoff and the composer often came to the Edison's home. Who knew? This room had pictures of all the famous musicians and singers who came to this room to record.

Horns. Edison experimented with different shaped horns for capturing sound.

Early camera.

I think this gadget was for detecting hydrogen in the air.

Inside these containers are black cylinders that go on the phonograph. We actually have one here in our home! Unfortunately it was dropped long ago and the black cylinder is in pieces. :(

Here is a picture of Edison's Chemistry lab.

That was quite a few pictures! Hope you enjoyed them. We love visiting here!

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