Monday, April 13, 2015

Beige Sweater Sewing Project

Back when I was I was pregnant in 2013 I had a lot of people tell me a lot of things. One thing was that I would stay big even if I lost my baby weight and wouldn't fit into a lot of my clothes.  I was thrilled! Maybe my clothes that I had would stop being so baggy and I could finally wear a few things that were too big right now!

Lies lies lies! My baby weight lasted all of two weeks and I am still stuck with some articles of clothing that I love but just don't fit well. All that being said to say, I am embarking on a journey to alter/learn to sew better/fix some of my clothes! 

My first try was this sweater/cardigan here:

I have a great family! And one thing that happens in my family on both sides is clothes get passed around to either try or give back or try and get rid of. This sweater was a try if you want and get rid of it if you don't want it item. So although I wasn't too confident in my sewing abilities, I was 100% confident in my forgiveness status if I wrecked it! 

This is one of those thin beige cardigans that go perfectly with anything and everything. It didn't work too well for me as it was a box shape. I figured it would be great practice adding darts/taking in/or something and maybe if it turned out I could wear it!

Here is the inside back. I pinned two darts in the back making for four inches being taken in on the sweater. Are there any sweaters out there with darts in the back? I have no idea....but this one was going to have some!

I sewed along the line made with my pins. Sewing knits always scares me but it always ends up being really easy.

The darts are now sewn instead of pinned.

And here is the finished product. The sweater is still billowy. I think that is the style but it billows a little less than before! I love it!

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