Friday, April 10, 2015

Fun Friday Find {Russian History}

History is one of my least favorite topics and subjects. I know now that my dislike grew from the fact that a lot of history we are taught at school is dates, events, etc. I am sure these are valuable things to know! However, in my twenty something years of life I haven't found out why. Anyway I checked this book out of our library on account of the fact that it was said to have rare pictures and details of the daily life of these four princesses. I wish I had taken a side picture. The book was almost two inches thick and I read ALL OF IT! If you hate history but love learning about the daily life and traditions of someone your age from another time and place this is a really fun book! Of course it is sad at the end as everyone gets shot.

 The author did an amazing job with her research and I felt like you really got to know these characters from history. 

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