Monday, December 19, 2016

Little Christmas Dress

One of the perks of having a little girl is getting to sew cute little dresses! I thought I would be doing more sewing, but time goes so fast and they grow so fast that I have only made a few things. A recent project that I finished, was sewing my little girl a red Christmas dress! I am pretty happy with how it turned out! I only had one little pattern piece for the front of the bodice. I drew the back bodice pattern myself and didn't use a pattern for the skirt. The material is the same material that one of my own dresses is made out of so we can match! 

I have a hard time sewing zippers and with this type of material I figured I only had one chance. So for a change, I sewed snaps in the back instead of a zipper and they work great! 

I don't knit, so I purchased this black sweater at Target to go over the dress. I love how it looks! I am loving their new Cat and Jack line of clothing. Though, this sweater and a package of socks are the only things I have purchased from it so far. I do a lot of window shopping! :) 

Hope you've been able to find time to do some fun Christmas projects! 

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