Monday, April 24, 2017

New Entertainment Center

We decided to up grade our entertainment center a few months ago. For the last six and half years we have been using this old Victrola cabinet to house our DVD player, CDs and what not. The cabinet was actually in the room at my in laws' house where I stayed when I was visiting my then fiance. (now husband). We actually don't watch a whole  lot of TV. I think it has been a whole two MONTHS since we have watched it actually! ha ha. But it was still time to get an updated piece of furniture. 

Here is our new cabinet/entertainment center. And our living room! I guess this could count toward a living room tour. The side cabinets have plenty of room for our CDs and blankets. We love to pile under a mound of blankets in the evenings!

Our favorite part is the front cabinet panel that comes off and reveals an electric fireplace! We have been wanting one of these and were thrilled to find an entertainment center/fireplace combination. And when we get tired of it, we can just put the fake cabinet panels back on as in the above picture. 

So there is our most recent home improvement venture. The kids loved "helping" my husband put it together and playing in the huge box that it came in. 

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